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Dorie Witt's Guide to Surviving Bullying

Dorie Witt is a young girl facing the difficult transition from grade school to junior high and high school. She starts the fall semester with hope, but soon finds herself the target of bullies whose sole reason for living seems to center around making Dorie's life miserable.Dorie blindly believes that she can escape the torment by being nice and ignoring their taunts, until the final blow is delivered from a source she never saw coming: her best friends, who trade in their friendship for a shot at popularity. Because of this betrayal, Dorie sinks into a lonely depression.

Only when Dorie begins to trust herself, the adults in her life and her arch foe and sister, Luna, does her life turn around and the most valuable lessons of all are learned- among them, the fact that junior and senior high are only seven years of a person's life. Dorie realizes that if she can hang in there and get through the trying times-that even at its wost, life is always worth living. Join Dorie Witt in her humorous yet honest approach to life and her earnest attempt to wipe out bullying through teaching usabout the greatest gift of all-tolerance!


Books in the Making

Dorie Book 2: Possibly about boys or family vacations gone wrong

A lighter topic about fun subjects. This will be very fun to make and I can't wait to get together a survey and questionnaire for all you to fill out. Keep checking back for more info or follow me on Twitter for updates!


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