Hi everybody! My name is Brigitte Berman and I wrote the book "Dorie Witt's Guide to Surviving Bullying".

Here is an excerpt:

"Excuse me," I say politely, "I need a place to sit, and do you think I could sit here?" The girl I ask just glares at me wide eyed like I'm crazy. "Did I mention I love your backpack," I add... The girl looks blankly at me and then gives out a loud sigh. You know sighs are supposed to sound like the person's tired, but the real intent is sometimes to show how annoyed they are with you."

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We need to end the hate and spread the love! Through my book, I tell the story of Dorie Witt, a girl who is being bullied. There is also loads of useful advice with which I hope to lessen bullying. We need to come together and stand strong instead of trying to rip each-other apart! I hope you support me in this mission! For more all my latest news or visit me on Facebook.

A Bullying Survival Guide written by a middle schooler!

Dorie Witt is a girl facing the difficult transition from grade school to junior high. She begins the new school year with excited anticipation but soon finds herself facing the difficult transition from grade school to junior high. She begins the new school year with excited anticipation but soon finds herself the target of bullies whose sole reason for living seems to center around making Dorie's life miserable. Dorie blindly believes that she can escape the torment of the bullies by being nice and ignoring their taunts. The resilient Dorie is able to withstand their repeated abuse until she is delivered a final emotional blow from an unexpected source; her best friends. Dumped by her girlfriends for a shot at class popularity, Dorie finds herself sinking into a world of depression, despair and isolation.

Only when Dorie begins to trust herself, the adults in her life and her arch foe and sister, Luna, does her life turn around. Dorie realizes that if she can hang tough in trying times, that any situation can change for the better. She also learns that reaching out to others for help and believing in oneself can create these positive changes. Dorie emerges from her ordeal stronger, confident and with this fresh perspective junior and senior high are only seven years in a person's life!

Ride along with Brigitte Berman on the roller coaster of Dorie Witt's middle school year. Winding us through the frightful episodes of bullying and the quandaries of fitting in, Dorie leaves us with the universal message of TOLERANCE. Brigitte's objective is to not merely engage and entertain, but to educate and instruct her readers. Her book offers practical advice on the difficult topic of bullying, told from the viewpoint of a friend and peer.

  Dorie Witt's Guide To Surviving Bullies
By Brigitte Berman



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