16 year old Brigitte Berman cares deeply about the creation of a world of tolerance for differences in others and the positive resolution of conflicts. A poised, articulate young woman, Brigitte is blessed with an ability to see the good in every person and situation and communicates this through her heroine Dorie Witt. Brigitte is currently in the 11th grade and lives a typical, hectic, activity packed teenage life in suburban Boston with her family and two adored dogs. She thanks her friends and family for their support of this project and especially thanks her sister, Margot, forher longhours of listening to the story she wanted to tell through Dorie Witt.

Brigitte Berman wrote this book last year at the age of 14 because she felt an urgent need to raise the consciousness and take action on the topic of bullying in today's world. Brigitte presents the fictional account in the voice of Dorie Witt-s daily diary, a humorous text peppered with doodles sure to make you giggle. But Brigitte-s intention is not just to trail our adorable but dorky Dorie through a year of middle school problems and their resolutions. Brigitte also uses her heroine as a junior high sociologist. In researching the topic of bullying and related hot teenager topics, Brigitte carefully created unique surveys and questionnaires, holding live peer focus groups for a year to accumulate data. The responses to Brigitte's questionnaires preface each chapter and connect questions with issues in relevant chapters. At the conclusion of each chapter, Dorie reclines in her "psycho analysis" chair as a peer mentor and counselor, sharing a down to earth, realistic approach to solving problems. These chapter end summaries serve as a "how to and resource guide" from the unique point of view of a teenager.

Brigitte's objective in DORIE WITT'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING BULLIES is to not merely engage and entertain, but to educate and instruct her readers. Her book is intended to also offer practical advice which can also be successfully implemented into school curricula as an educational tool.

Ride along with Brigitte Berman on the roller coaster of Dorie Witt's middle school year. Winding us through the frightful episodes of bullying and the quandaries of fitting in, Dorie leaves us with the universal message of TOLERANCE. Click here to see some sample pages...

If you wish to contact me for further information, any questions, or to set up a book signing, school talk, or interview, my email is dorie@doriewitt.com.


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